Klara Kurti ('17), Editor in Chief

Klara Kurti was born in Diber, Albania in the summer of 1995. After living in Albania for six years, her family moved to New York City for a better life. With a curiosity to explore the unknown, Klara wishes to one day travel the world and experience all the different cultures and people. She currently attends Saint Joseph's College and is majoring in Psychology. "Whether it's writing my personal thoughts in my journal every night after a long day, or writing papers for class, writing has become a great passion in my life." Being an Editor in Chief to the ACES blog, Klara hopes to share her thoughts with the rest of the student body and hopefully inspire others to allow their inner writer sides to shine through them. 


Arturo Olea ('18), Site Manager 

Arturo Olea was born in Higüey, the capital city of the eastern La Altagracia Province in the Dominican Republic. He moved to the United States in 2012 to study Architecture. While attending Manhattan Bridges High School, school of Engineering and Information Technology, a new passion for computers emerged.  At Manhattan Bridges, he was encouraged to take advanced computer classes and it was these classes that inspired him to become a Mathematics and Computer Science major with a minor in Business Administration at St. Joseph’s College. He’s an active leader of a new computer club at SJC, and he is also a student worker for the Art Department.


Argenis Ovalles ('17), Contributing Writer 

Argenis Ovalles ('17) was born in Manhattan, New York, to Dominican-Italian parents. He has been in speech therapy since age two. At the age of five, he moved to Santo Domingo de Guzmán. He was raised there until the age of thirteen when he came back to New York and attended Manhattan Bridges High School. While a student at MBHS he became interested in robotics and biology, and pursued a summer internship in his sophomore year with Dr. Ethel Tobach. The renowned scientist told him about the stuttering organization SAY.org (formerly Our Time), which gave him his first taste of writing and theater. This eventually inspired him to become an English major and a theater minor at St. Joseph's College, Brooklyn campus. He's also an active brother of the Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity and a work-study student in the Campus Ministry Office. 


Ekram Alrowmeim ('19), Managing Editor and Contributing Visual Artist

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Ekram Alrowmeim was born in Sanaa, the capital city of Yemen. She moved to the United States in June 2012. She attended Sunset Park High School in Brooklyn, New York. Drawing and playing sports are some of her hobbies, and she is a member of the Saint Joseph's College women's soccer team. Ekram believes that visual art is an effective way to express feelings in the absence of the words. In the summer of 2013 she attended the Youth Insights program at the Whitney Museum to get more exposure to the history of American Art.


Naomi Moreira ('19), Contributing Visual Artist 

Naomi Moreira was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and came to the United States in 2012. She attended Manhattan Bridges High School and is now proud to be a student at St. Joseph's College. She is a work study student within the art department on campus and says, "I like to draw because is a different and easy way of expression for me, because it expresses what I love, like, or hate just in one simple image. Also, drawing releases my stress and allows me to distract myself from the upsetting things in life. I learned by myself how to draw since I was very little, and I am proud to say that."




Rono Hem ('19), Contributing Writer

Rono Hem was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh where he also attended St. Joseph’s higher secondary school. He came to the United States as an international college student in 2015. A biology major with aspirations of becoming a researcher, he still finds himself fascinated with writing. Rono finds writing to be a cathartic experience and wishes to bring depth and emotion into his work as he progresses. 





Angie Sharma ('19), Contributing Writer

Psychology major (I may never know until I graduate). Suffer from regular bouts of boredom that I like to call writer's block to feel better about myself and, occasionally, inspiration mixed with a semblance of productivity.

What's interesting (?) about me:

I can play the guitar.

I can read six languages. 

It took me 3 weeks to write this.