The art of knowing You by Ydelsa Peralta

Photo by Julie Godbolt

Photo by Julie Godbolt

I feel you here in flesh. With melancholy eyes like the night.

From a mouth yelling “kiss me” and a heart that ignites with madness in my presence.


On other occasions, I feel you as distant as the month of January in a hostile summer

So indifferent that my own conscience hurts me.

So alien that I do not recognize your scent.


Sea of love in which I drown in unfamiliar depths.

I walk paths before not walked and I anguish to know you.

To know that you are so far, the more I feel you so close

You graft this poison in my veins.

The poison that annihilates and tortures me,

That consumes me slowly without permission

More of this bitter drink that stifles my life,

I prefer to pay with death. Then I will be free.


If ...


If you are tired of everything and everyone,

if you feel betrayed and disappointed,

if only you can't find a friend ...


if a disease has broken all your dreams,

if your life only knows death,

if you forgot how to smile


if you can't handle it yourself,

if  you can't donate love to the people around you,

if you want to find the joy of living ...


A thought may become light when you are in the dark.

A thought can be relieved when you feel tired.

A  thought can become a caress when you do not find help in things you believed in.

A thought can offer you the strength to continue dreaming.

A thought is the space between reality and the nonexistent.