"I am from" By Nozima Alamova


I am from a place where love is shared nationwide and the colors are very bright
I am from a from a place with trees where birds sound thankful for living right, and the patting of my grandma’s hand on my back.
I am from a nation known for its natural cottons and from gardens like heaven that are never forgotten.
I am from a place where young are nice and old are wise.
From the place where rainbows are a surprise.
From the smell of homemade bread which children desire, and the highways where all men wear attire.
I am from my cradle being the sweetest place my mom says;
Straight for three years after my birth and I’m thankful for my time on this Earth.
I am from the hospitality and the strong love of my motherland, which gives me the strength to live apart from its arms even when I’m in a foreign land.
I am delighted to be in a family of five, where the adults are role models for their kids to feel alive.
I am growing to be considerate and empathetic to get along because my roots of history are very strong.
Proudly, my future as a medical practitioner is lifelong!