"The Andes" by Maria Guanga ('19)


Between the mountains of the Andes,

The Latin American Indian

Outcome all of the tallest clouds

With the bright color of the mestizo

Between the sun rays.


The night is coming,

The mestizo skin color

Becoming towards dark,

The dark skin shines

With brightness of the moon,

Showing between the mountains,

The starry beauty of the dark skin.


At morning wake,

the dark skin becomes

Silky and smooth color of clouds,

falling as snow from the sky to the trees,

like in the winter time.


The sun at the highest peak of the cloud calls

Latin American Indian,

To dazzle the beauty of the mestizo skin,

That in the end of the day,

The bright sunlight calling to

Mestizo, White and Black,

To undertake a course toward foreign.