"Be a Man, Always and Everywhere" by Vaso Vukosavovic ('19)




Do I bother you because I don’t see the world form the same eye - or because I wasn’t born under ‘your’ sky?

Do I bother you because of the place or race that I come from - or people that I share roots with and whom I call home?

Are you bothered by the sound of my name - or the fact that I’m proud of it and that I have no shame?

Could I search for an opportunity and crave for better life - like you,

Or does that bother you too?



One cannot choose the time in which to be born,

Why do you still look at me with scorn?

One cannot choose mom or dad, place or race,

Nor the circumstances and opportunities in which one will inhale its first air with a painful face.

But that what depends on one and what is expected from one to dare,

Is to be a man - Always and Everywhere

That is something what you can choose to do, so why wouldn’t you?

Be a man today and tonight,

Stop scorning me with stereotype. 



Your malice will hunt back at you,

This is a harsh true,

Some things you can lose just once in your lifetime,

Don’t lose a man in you!



At the end,

We are all people but not all of us are man.