"An Outcast With A Dream" by Digna Estrella ('18)


Lurking through the confined wall of my room,

There is not a single wind of hope,

Like a decaying tree,

Only with a window as a console,

I stared at the endless light that turns the night into day,

What lies beyond my wall, was war, sufferings, poverty and greediness,

A dark aura lies within those that live beyond my walls,

Sometimes I wanted to be like them, but I am just an outcast,

Born from dust and a monster that doesn’t belong to this world,

I am the green demon that lurks for happiness, when happiness doesn’t exist,

I am just a demon with a dream,

 That is stuck in a world of despair that slowly is turning to dust,

And yet, I am confined by the walls of my room, with a window to dream.

I am an outcast with a dream.