"Bullying Attacks" by Carmen Torres ('19)


Does not have to be physical

is not only words,

is it critical,

affecting youths around the world.

Is a life trauma,

it hits you when you are not ready,

and can defeat you if you don’t have stamina,

it persecute you at night, and attacks you in the day.

It is real, it is happening,

not only to one person, but to many,

preferably a weak, because is easily to damaged,

does not respect anything.

No matter color, no matter age,

fat- skinny, white-black

young-adult, it could happen at any moment.

Raising insecurity,

making you easy prey or victim

of hunters without values, respect or moral.

I was one of those weak person,

my body shape was the school entertainment,

not knowing how to deal with,

my only consolation was my tears.

Bullying is a real problem,

is the cause of many problems,

the chaser of a lot of youths,

the beast that many of us fear.