Homage to the eyes by Adnan Bin Hoq ('19)


Eyes are essential

They let you define things

As they define you

Eyes let you experience

The ethereal beauty of life

By building a bridge between

The brain and the heart

Telling stories without

The need of words, crossing

The barriers of language

With effortless serenity

Eyes project your soul

While everything else lies

You can rely on the eyes

They will tell the secrets

For you and store it too

Eyes will make seemingly

insignificant things

magnificent and be

the sole interpreter

of your joy, your sorrow,

your anger and your fear

and every other emotion a

human being can bear

eyes emit wisdom

it helps you escape your

frustration and depression

and guides you towards the

unfathomable light of triumph

you can have one eye or two

even hundred if you wish

there is no definitive rule or logic

its just what you see

through the eyes is true