"Graduation" by Argenis Ovalles ('17)


Here I am. I am living and dying.

I have a cloud over me as I walk through the halls of this school.

I am too numb to even plan ahead. Ahead I go.

“Go! To the finish line,” they said.

Said with the same enthusiastic anxiety I possess.

Possession of great memories that will last a lifetime.

Lifetime sounds a bit cliché? There’s no better way to describe it.

It has been four amazing years.

Years where I laughed, cried, abused exaggerated amounts of caffeine.

Caffeine, you are one of the most valuable friends.

And friends? I don’t want to leave you. You will be missed.

Missed opportunities will not be such thing.

Things that I will take out with me with you and my future.

Future is here now. Now here I am. I am ready to go and come

As I please. Please, until next time.