"The Farm Demon" by Kadijatu Jalloh ('20)

I was a very beautiful young lady who loved her farm so much and was very protective of it. Every day I wake up in the morning to water my corn and tomatoes. One day, I woke up and went to water my plants when I met these two little kids, a boy and a girl. As I approached them, they were picking my tomatoes. I asked them what were doing. They said they just wanted to play with them. I was angry and frustrated because how can they play with my food? I told them to go away from my farm, and I pushed them out.

The next day, I went to water my plants again and I saw the same little kids in my farm. This time, they were picking my corn. I became so upset then I screamed at them to get out of my farm. They ran away. At night, I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about how to stop those kids from destroying my plants. When I woke up in the morning, I rushed quickly to my farm and I met those same kids again, but this time when they saw me, their faces were frightened, they froze. I was wondering what happened when the little girl pointed to my face. I touched my face and it was rough and hairy, I picked up a glass on the floor and saw my face. I looked like a demon, I dropped the glass and went straight towards the kids.

Look what you two have done to me, my pretty face had gone, my beautiful blue eyes, my normal size ears, and my nicely shaped nose, everything gone. But now look, I have long ears, big eyes, long teeth, a wide mouth, an ugly face. I hope you two now will be scared of me and never come back to this farm. If you do, I will eat you both alive.

They ran away and I never saw them again after that day. I was happy with my new look because I don’t have to worry about those kids destroying my plants anymore.