"Hannya" by Constana Gracia ('20)

I am Hannya. A long time ago I was living across the mountains with my family. Well, I had a happy life with my husband. Everything was perfect, but one day, I noticed an incredible mystery.  

I was a pretty quiet woman, so strong, but my heart was not that strong. And also my love for my husband pushed me to do stupid things. I was taking care of my family, and my kids also who were so annoying with regards to helping me manage the house. I was so blessed to have them in my life anyway, they were always there to make me happy.

As the days, months, and years passed, my husband started to become a stranger in his own home. I did not understand his remoteness. I tried to to talk to him but no agreements were made.

Our situation got worst.

I started to become a jealous woman because I could not control him anymore. Then one day, I discovered his cheating. It was really hard to handle, and I screamed out in pain. I saw one of my friends coming out of my house while I was entering. She did not even say hi to me, her behavior was very suspicious. I remember this day, I was talking so loud and asking all kind of questions. My husband did not answer any of them. I started to become really stupid. I went to visit my friend, pretending I was cool and did not want my husband anymore. She believed me, and she confessed that she was only after the jewelry and money. I wanted to beat her, but I went back home. I explained everything to him, but he wanted to go out with my friend still.

I became  jealous of everybody and their happiness, it was then I got transformed into such hideous person. I went to live alone in the woods far from the mountains.