"Joshua" by Priscila Marmolejos ('20)

It was the first day of summer, I can remember it as if it was today. Before this day, I was a normal person, calm, patient and caring. I was in love with Katherine for almost 2 years. We were in a relationship and she was the light to my eyes. On June 21, 2012, I realized she wasn't the person who I thought she was. Kath hated my mom because my mom never liked her and because she didn't approve of our relationship, so Kath killed her! I felt so angry with her that all the love I had for her flew away in 3 seconds. I became a totally different person. Now I’m not calm and caring anymore. All I wanted to do was to take revenge for her killing my lovely mother. I walk on the streets with a furious face because of how this tragedy marked my life. I’m alone in this world and I don't care about anything anymore. I don’t have control over this new me. Katherine took away my most precious gift in life.