The Cosmetic Beauty and The Beast by Klara Kurti ('17)

This dialogue takes place in Los Angeles, California; the city of models, actresses, and adult movie stars. The Beast has decided to leave France and his former lady, Belle, in order to pursue his dream of having his own talk show with famous celebrities. He is determined to get into the minds of celebrities in order to get some personal insight on the life of the rich and beautiful. The Beast is fascinated by the human desire to appeal to the eyes of the majority, and he is interested in finding out: what exactly is it that makes celebrities so wonderful to look at? As his first guest, he has decided to invite the infamous Kim Kardashian, who is widely known for ‘just existing’.

Beast: It is honestly an honor to have you here with us today, Kim.

Kim K: Thank you, Beast. It was an honor when you called me to be your first starring guest.

Beast: I have been thinking about this for a while, and I think that you were the most appropriate pick for today’s show.

Kim K: I am flattered that you would think of me, then. Why am I the best pick for today’s show?

Beast: Well, look at you! You are absolutely breathtaking to everyone in the room.

*The room begins to grow louder with claps and screams. Kim Kardashian waves to everyone. *

Kim K: Well, now you know you have my full attention.

Beast: Well, on today’s show I wanted to talk to discuss with you, what you consider beauty to be.

Kim K: That’s an interesting question. If I had to tell you what beauty is, I would probably say that it’s a red sunset right on the beach in Hawaii.

Beast: That is very beautiful indeed. However, that is something that is beautiful, it does not define the characteristics of beauty itself.

Kim K: In that case, I would say that beauty is something that is appealing to the eye, people enjoy looking at it.

Beast: So let me make sure I got this right: what you’re saying is that, in order for something to have beauty, it must be seen by another individual?

Kim K: Yes, indeed. The only way to recognize beauty is for it to look at you.

Beast: I see what you mean. But how does one know when he is staring at something beautiful?

Kim K: It makes the individual feel some sort of way.

Beast: Do you believe that scenery is the only thing related to beauty?

Kim K: Of course not. Other things can have beauty such as people, objects, and even abstract things like love.

Beast: But you think that in order for it to be labeled as “beautiful” it would have to be physically seen by another person?

Kim K: Yes, that is what I’m saying.

Beast: But, you said that love can also be beautiful.

Kim K: I believe love has the most beauty.

Beast: Isn’t it true that one cannot see love? Simply feel it?

Kim K: Yes, I suppose that is so.

Beast: In that case, beauty can’t simply be something that can be seen because love cannot be seen but you consider it to have beauty.

Kim K: In that case, I wish to change my answer, I believe that beauty is something that is appealing to the eye and makes an individual feel something.

Beast: But how do we characterize who these “individuals” are.

Kim K: That’s an easy question, Beast. Everyone considers the same things to have beauty.

Beast: How so? Please, elaborate.

Kim K: If I held up photos in this room of things I think to be beautiful, everyone in the room will clap and agree with me. That’s how you know it holds beauty.

Beast: You believe that everyone has the same opinion on what they consider to be beautiful?

Kim K: Absolutely. Things such as sunsets, babies, models, and art are greatly adored by everyone.

Beast: You mentioned art, what kind of art do you consider to be beautiful?

Kim K: I really enjoy Starry Night by Van Gough.

Beast: That is a beautiful painting. I also really enjoy it.

Kim K: You see, Beast, we both agreed that art is beautiful and I’m sure that everyone in this room agrees with us.

Beast: I have to ask Kim, I’m sorry if this is off topic but one of our fans earlier requested that we ask you about your thoughts on tattoos, since they have your face tattooed on their arm.

Kim K: I am flattered that he would do such a thing, but in all honesty, I’m not really a fan of tattoos and piercings.

Beast: Oh, why is that?

Kim K: It is not really appealing to me; I personally don’t consider body art attractive.

Beast: You called tattoos “body art.” Do you consider them to be art?

Kim K: Yes, I do.

Beast: But didn’t you say that art has beauty because beautiful art is commonly agreed upon by everyone?

Kim K: Yes, but I wasn’t referring to tattoos.

Beast: But there are individuals out there who love tattoos and think body art is beauty.

Kim K: Well, I am not one of those people. I am repulsed by body art.

Beast: Then, are you suggesting that individuals can have different opinions on what beauty is and what may be beautiful to one, is not to another?

Kim K: Yes, that is correct.

Beast: Then, you cannot say that everyone has the same opinion on what beauty is.

Kim K: I guess I can’t.

Beast: So in that case, what you’re saying is, beauty is not something that is merely physical but can also be felt and not everyone has the same opinion on what is considered “beautiful”.

Kim K: Yes, Beast, that is indeed what I said.

Beast: I also have to ask, Kim, forgive me if I am interrogating you too much today, but how does it feel to have your face universally known?

Kim K: It’s honestly one of the greatest feelings in the world.  

Beast: I read somewhere that you are “one of the top 10 most beautiful faces in America.”

Kim K: Yes, I read that cover! Being beautiful is how I make my money.

Beast: How exactly do you obtain an income from being beautiful, Kim?

Kim K: People pay me all over the world, to just make guest appearances because they think I am amazing to look at.

Beast: So, you think that beauty holds value?

Kim K: I think beauty is very valuable; with beauty comes money and power.

Beast: How do you measure the value of it?

Kim K: It’s not that hard. Those that have beauty get everything handed to them. They never have to lift a finger or work a day in their life.

Beast: Is this true for you?

Kim K: The majority of the time, yes. All I have to do is show up and I get paid. That is how I measure my beauty: I know that wherever I waste my time, I am gaining something from it. Whether its publicity or income, it is valuable.

Beast: What about other things? Is this true for everything that holds beauty?

Kim K: Yes, I think it is.

Beast: But what about inanimate objects? What about abstract things that we both agreed also have beauty? How do you measure their value?

Kim K: Just by looking at them.

Beast: But you said that beauty is not merely physical.

Kim K: Then, you ask everyone, before placing value on anything.

Beast: But how will they agree if they different opinions on what beauty is?

Kim K: I don’t know.

Beast: Then what is beauty, Kim?

Kim K: Is it time for a commercial break yet?

Beast: We are no longer on air. Kim, I am interested in hearing what you have to say.

Kim K: Am I getting paid for this?

Beast: I just want to know what you believe beauty to be.

Kim K: You will be hearing from my manager soon, Beast!

*Kim Kardashian gets up and runs off stage, the audience is in shock and don’t know how to proceed after what just happened. *