A play by Klara Kurti ('17)



[This scene takes place in Germany in a psychiatric ward during the second World War. McMurphy has been thrown out from Nurse Rached's Ward for killing one of the aids. In this ward, McMurphy is sharing a room with Jean, who was sent to the institution after suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after returning back to his human form. The Narrator, who now goes by the name of Heinrich Von Trapp has returned to Germany and works as one of the aids at the ward.]

McMurphy: [To Jean] What are you in here for dear pal?

Jean: [Sarcastically turning towards McMurphy] One of my so called friends Berenger signed me up to be here, he thinks I've driven myself mad.

McMurphy: Well, we're all a little mad. But what makes you so special?

Jean: How many people can say they've turned into a rhinoceros and have come back to their original state of mind?

McMurphy: [Moving closer towards Jean] Wait just a damn second, are you bullshittin' me?

Jean: They say you only lie to the ones you fear, why would I fear you?

McMurphy: [In an aggressive tone] Are you sayin' you lied to me?

Jean: No my incompetent friend, I am saying that I was once a rhinoceros and now I am me again.

McMurphy: Well, what was the difference?

Jean: There is no difference. I chose to become a rhinoceros and got bored with it, so I decided to come back.

McMurphy: I'm no doctor or nothin' but I'm pretty sure you can't choose to make that kind of transformation for yourself.

Jean: [Growing a louder tone] You can, when your will-power is as strong as mine is.

McMurphy: What the hell does this got to do with will power?

Jean: It has a lot to do with it. I chose to turn into a rhinoceros to symbolize my strong will power and my smart state of mind.

McMurphy: [Slightly laughing] I'm no teacher or nothin' but I'm pretty sure you make no sense.

Jean: That's the difference between you and I, I had a duty to become a rhinoceros. You on the other hand, have no duty but to be locked up in this lunatic bin.

McMurphy: [Skeptical to Jean's last response] Your duty, eh?

Jean: It was my job to show people how strong and precise thinking impacts you physically. When you are a strong thinker, you can transform into a strong animal. Nobody stands in your way and those that do, you stomp on them.

McMurphy: [Placing his right hand to his chin and softly rubbing it] Wait, you said you turned into a rhinoceros to show how strong your mind was..

Jean: Precisely.

McMurphy: So, how can you be you again when the rhinoceros you were was also you?

Jean: [Frustrated and close to shouting] Your words make no sense to me.

McMurphy: Well, your logic makes absolutely no sense to me.

Jean: That is why I am the strong thinker here and you are, well, you are you.

McMurphy: If that's what you think, why you in here, with the rest of us “lunatics”?

Jean: One of my dear friends, Berenger, was jealous and intimidated by my strong will power.

McMurphy: Why would he be intimidated? Was he a rhinoceros too?

Jean: No. However, I know he wishes he could have been me. He still wishes he was me.

McMurphy: Oh yeah, how do you know that?

Jean: I'm a strong minded individual. I have that power.

McMurphy: You my friend, are a lunatic in denial.

[The Narrator, who will be referred to as Heinrich enters and begins to give them their medicine.]

Heinrich: Guten Tag. Are you men ready to take your pills?

McMurphy: [Turning towards Heinrich] Glutton pills? Germany is fancy.

Jean: No you fool, Guten Tag means hello in German.

McMurphy: Well I don't speak no fancy language.

Heinrich: It is quite alright. Here are your pills.

Jean: How many do I take per hour? I wouldn't want to overdose.

McMurphy: Wait a damn second, what are these pills for exactly?

Heinrich: You must take them to control your thoughts.

McMurphy: [In a louder but calm tone] Nah-uh. I'm not playin' those games again. I'm not trynna' be caught up in no fog.

Jean: Please excuse him, he is not well educated. I will take my pills and he will follow me.

McMurphy: I sure as hell won't. Look, you do what you need to. I'm not taking glutton pills to cease my thoughts.

Heinrich: It is important you take your daily pills. The Fuhrer demands all mental patients take these pills at least twice a day.

McMurphy: Listen, I don't know who this fur man is, but you tell him I refuse to take pills for no goddam' reason.

Heinrich: [Trying to sound as serious as possible] The Fuhrer cannot be reached, he is our country's ruler.

Jean: [In a proud tone] He is the great Adolf Hitler. Haven't you heard of him?

McMurphy: No I haven't and I don't wanna know about this fool if he's trynna' gimme some crazy pills.

Heinrich: [Turns up the television volume] Look at the television, he's giving a speech now.

[As the three turn to the television. Adolf Hitler is giving a speech about the new concentration camps he is building in the country side that are guaranteed to get rid of more Jewish people at a faster rate. He continues his speech by reminding the German people that the Jews are to blame for their economic failure and they are the leading cause of failure in Germany. The people cheer and shout “God Bless the Fuhrer.”]

McMurphy: Now he is the one that belongs in here, not me.

Jean: What do you mean? It's amazing what he is doing for Germany. Getting the people back on their feet.

McMurphy: By killing innocent people, that have done nothin' at all?

Jean: Of course they have done something, they're rodents.

McMurphy: Oh yeah, have you met every damn Jew in the world?

Jean: Well no, but the majority speaks for the minority.

McMurphy: That ain't true and you know it.

Jean: It's a democracy isn't it? The majority rules.

McMurphy: That don't make no sense.

Jean: Of course it does, you must see that the Fuhrer is simply doing his job, it is his duty.

McMurphy: His duty to kill and eliminate a group of people?

Jean: His job to rule the country and remove the garbage that's holding the economy back.

[Jean falls instantly to the ground because of the high dosage sleeping pills he has taken.]

McMurphy: I hope you know I ain't takin' those pills.

Heinrich: It is quite alright. I understand you.

McMurphy: Thank God you do.

Heinrich: You must not thank God, he does not exist in this country.

McMurphy: Oh yeah, what has God ever done to you?

Heinrich: He has led us to this ruler.

McMurphy: What do you mean? Don't you like the Fuhrer?

Heinrich: [In a soft but firm tone] I left Germany three years ago to escape him and I found myself coming back because birth ties me to this country.

McMurphy: I'm sure there are others out there like you. We can rebel against him. All you gotta do is get me the hell outta here.

Heinrich: There may be many others. But we must know our place in this country .

McMurphy: [Walking towards Heinrich with a hopeless look in his eyes] You gon' let him do all this evil?

Heinrich: [In a soft but disappointed tone] There is not a thing we can do. We are just the people, he is the dictator.

McMurphy: What is wrong with the goddamn people in this country? You're all lunatics.

[Act One ends with McMurphy and Heinrich staring at the television, watching Germany cheer Hitler on as Jean lays unconsciously on the ground, as incompetent as his mind.]