A Play by Cristobal Cano ('16)


a play

by Cristobal Cano



Berenger, The King

McMurphy, The King’s Assistant

Estelle, A young lady


In the center of the stage is a big old throne.

On stage right is another medium throne.

The front of the thrones should face the audience.

On the wall, behind the two thrones, is an open square window. Through the window we can see the green leaves of a tree. The day is clear.

A large door stands stage left.


Enter Berenger, walking slowly to sit on the big throne.

After some seconds, McMurphy enters reading a letter.


BERENGER: Are you listening?

MCMURPHY: (Hides the letter.) Oh… Yes my Lord.

BERENGER: As I was saying. Tomorrow I will marry the most beautiful woman in the world. And I want you to do me a favor.

MCMURPHY: You want me to be the best man at your wedding?

BERENGER: Fool! I want to you to bring her to me.


BERENGER: My future wife! Oh I am so happy, finally I will get married. I have been waiting ten years for her. Do you know how I feel? Do you know? I feel so…

MCMURPHY: Old, my Lord? Too old to marry?

BERENGER: Be quiet. In love, age doesn’t matter, but what you feel in your heart. I don’t care what people think. I just care about myself and my love.

MCMURPHY: You have been married to eleven women, and you want to marry again? That is great!

BERENGER: I am the King, and I am going to marry her. Love is love.

MCMURPHY: Old is old.

BERENGER: Quiet. When I feel love, I can’t admit it. The pleasure devours my mind and body. I can’t live without love. I want to feel love for eternity. Listen carefully to what I tell you. I want you to go to Ratchedville, a small town in the North. She is there, my beautiful Estelle. Ask for her name in the town and when you find, her bring her to me.

MCMURPHY: Estelle? That is a peculiar name.

BERENGER: Ha ha ha. Fool! That is the most attractive name that a woman can have. It is unique, and valuable.

(Berenger takes out a picture from the drawer and shows it to McMurphy.)

Look at this picture, so you can recognize her face.

MCMURPHY: Oh, what a beautiful woman, my Lord.

BERENGER: Bring me her tonight, and before you go, speak with my servant to prepare everything for the wedding.

MCMURPHY: And what will I do if I can’t find her? Or if I find her, but she refuses to come with me?

BERENGER: Try to convince her. It’s your job. You know what to do. If she is not here tonight, then say good-bye to this world.

MCMURPHY: I am too young to die, my Lord.

BERENGER: Just do what I said.

MCMURPHY: As you wish, my Lord. But what will I do if she no longer lives in the town?  Or what if she runs away to another place?

BERENGER: Fool! She can’t run away because she doesn’t know anything about this wedding. And stop asking me questions. Just go and find her. I know she is there, and I know she will come.

(Berenger walks to the window.)

Oh God. Let the flowers grow; let the rose open her petals. Let the sun shine every day. I do not want to see gray clouds.

(Berenger looks to the tree.)

Old friend, you are like a part of my life; tell me what you think. Estelle will be mine today, you must be happy about that. Oh Estelle, Estelle, Estelle. Tonight I will have you in my arms, and we will…

MCMURPHY: Ahhhh! My Lord!

BERENGER: Why do you scream, you want to give me a heart attack, or what?

MCMURPHY: I forgot to give you this letter that the guards gave me this morning.

(McMurphy gives the letter to Berenger, who reads the letter so quietly, that McMurphy cannot hear him.)

BERENGER: “Her parents are already dead, my Lord.”

MCMURPHY: Is there any bad news, my Lord?

BERENGER: No, No. Ha ha ha, everything is perfect. It is time, go and find her.


BERENGER: Fool! My future wife, Estelle!

(McMurphy leaves.)

BERENGER (Looking to the sky with his hands in the air): Forgive me God, for all my sins. I know I made many mistakes, but you know that I did this for our love. All these tragedies. Each life lost is a step closer to her. I am sorry Estelle, but I didn’t have any other choice, that was the only way to be next to you, killing your parents! I have been waiting years and years and I cannot wait anymore. Your heart will be mine, only mine. Nothing can stop me; all I want I will get. No matter who stands against me, I will defeat everybody. 

(Lights go out.)


(Lights rise. We are in the center of the North town, and we can hear people crying. The people are in circle, and in the middle we see two coffins. McMurphy stands to the side.)

MCMURPHY: What a long trip. I can’t feel my back. (McMurphy moves closer to the people.) Excuse me; do you know where Estelle lives? I am looking for her…She lives here?

ESTELLE: I am Estelle. What do you want?

MCMURPHY: Your Majesty-

ESTELLE: I am not your majesty. Who are you?

MCMURPHY: -I come from the king to take you with me.

ESTELLE: Shameless! Don’t you see? My parents are dead. I don’t care who your lord is. And I am not going anywhere.

MCMURPHY: Please, you need to go with me. Otherwise I will be killed. (McMurphy look at the coffins.) God bless them.

ESTELLE: Get out. You have nothing to do here. Don’t you see how I feel? My heart is broken.

MCMURPHY: But tomorrow is the wedding. And you need to be present.

ESTELLE: Wedding? What are you talking about? I am not marrying anyone. (Estelle pulls McMurphy out to the people.) Who is your lord, and why does he want to marry me?

MCMURPHY: He is an old fat man, in love with you.

ESTELLE: I do not care! I just want to find the person who killed my parents, and avenge their deaths.

MCMURPHY: Revenge is never good. It poisons the soul.

ESTELLE: My soul is already dead. Revenge is the only life I have in my soul.

MCMURPHY: Your Majesty, do you know who murdered your parents?

ESTELLE: Stop calling me your majesty; I am not your majesty. No, I don’t know, but the people from the town said that it was a group of guards who entered our house and murdered my parents. I am not sure what happened. I was in Italy when I received the news. I just returned this morning. Whoever is guilty will pay for their acts…

(McMurphy takes two steps forward.)

MCMURPHY: That is my Lord.

(McMurphy takes two steps back.)

ESTELLE: I will not rest until I avenge the death of my parents. I know there is someone who sent those guards here…

(McMurphy takes two steps forward.)

MCMURPHY: That is my Lord.

(McMurphy takes two steps back.)

ESTELLE: Death is the only thing that person deserves. Death, death, death!

MCMURPHY: I think I know who that person is you’re talking about.

ESTELLE: Who? (With anger.) Tell me who killed my parents.

MCMURPHY: I will tell you if you go with me to my Lord.

ESTELLE: Alright. (Estelle turns to the people.) I will be right back.

(McMurphy and Estelle enter the car.)

ESTELLE: Tell me, please, who killed my parents. Tell me!

MCMURPHY: Okay, okay, calm down. You make me feel nervous. The man who killed your parents is my Lord.

ESTELLE: Your Lord? How do you know that? And why he killed my parents?

MCMURPHY: I know because I read a letter that the guards sent to my Lord. He killed your parents because that is the only way you will return to his castle, so he can marry you.

ESTELLE: Miserable! Do you have a knife? Give me a knife.

MCMURPHY: No, I don’t, but my Lord has many knives in the kitchen. Don’t worry; he is going to give you one.

ESTELLE (Talking to herself): Revenge, revenge, revenge!



(McMurphy and Estelle arrive in the Kingdom.

It is a windy night and the moon is full.)

ESTELLE: Take me to your Lord now.

MCMURPHY: He will be happy to see you.

(McMurphy opens the door and enters. Berenger is sitting in his old throne.)

BERENGER: McMurphy, did you bring my beautiful wife?

MCMURPHY: Yes, my Lord. (McMurphy announcing.) Her Majesty, Queen Estelle.

(Estelle enters, pretending to be kind to Berenger.)


BERENGER: Oh Estelle, I have been waiting for you. I counted every second for your arrival.


BERENGER: Come over here. Sit in my lap. (To McMurphy.) Leave us alone.

MCMURPHY: (With a sardonic smile.) As you wish, my Lord. I hope you have a wonderful night.

(McMurphy exits.)

ESTELLE: Now that we are alone, I want to thank you for sending your servant to pick me up, without that, it would be hard for me to find you, my Lord.

BERENGER: I see, so you were looking for me too.

ESTELLE: Yes, my Lord.

BERENGER: Estelle, I want to marry you. Everything is ready for the wedding. We will marry tomorrow.

ESTELLE: Do not exaggerate, my Lord.

BERENGER: I am saying the truth.

(Estelle stands up, walks behind Berenger, and takes the dagger out of the drawer.)

ESTELLE: The truth? (Estelle points the dagger at Berenger’s neck.) Then, tell me, who killed my parents?


ESTELLE: Tell me, did you send those guards?

BERENGER: I don’t know what you are talking about.

ESTELLE: The truth is that you are a liar, and you do not deserve to live, not even your body’s ashes. But don’t worry; I will help you to disappear from this world.

BERENGER: Please stop! Don’t do this. I just want to marry you because I love you.

ESTELLE: Let me tell you something. I don’t care about your love. You killed my heart already.

BERENGER: I did this because of Love.

EETELLE: Love? Ha ha ha. Your only love is death.

BERENGER: This must be a dream!

ESTELLE: Long live the King!

(Estelle raises and stabs the dagger in Berenger’s heart.

He falls on the floor.

Light goes off slowly.)

End of play