A Play by Shulin Mei ('16)

Upstage center, a high, double window is open on bright day. The sun and white clouds are visible, and the sunlight falls into the room.

Downstage left is a small table and a chair. A reading lamp and some scripts on the table.

Downstage right stands an identical table and chair to that of stage left, and a reading lamp only.

A door stands downstage left, with a calendar on the same wall.

A Play by Cristobal Cano ('16)

In the center of the stage is a big old throne.

On stage right is another medium throne.The front of the thrones should face the audience.On the wall, behind the two thrones, is an open square window. Through the window we can see the green leaves of a tree. The day is clear.A large door stands stage left. Enter Berenger, walking slowly to sit on the big throne.After some seconds, McMurphy enters reading a letter.