Peace Corps


Peace Corps is recruiting volunteers to serve communities abroad! Deadline: 4/1/19

a. Eligibility: Must have earned a Bachelor’s degree before program start date & be able to

   commit to 2 years of service, starting in October 2019.

b. Description:  Volunteers serve in over 60 countries around the world to live in communities

   and work on a variety of challenging projects. Must have a desire to develop skills in your field

   while striving to make a difference in the world. Projects include working in Agriculture,

   Community Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health, and Youth

   Development. Check out various positions here.

c. More Info: You will receive a housing and living stipend that enables you to live similarly to the

   community members you are serving. After the completion of 2 years of service, volunteers

   receive an over $8000 reward to transition back to life back home.

d. Attend a Peace Corps Event to learn more about the program!

i. The Peace Corps Story Slam is happening on March 1st at the New School.  Anyone is

  welcome to attend to hear stories from returned Peace Corps volunteers!  

e. Find their twitter page here, Facebook, Instagram,  and Youtube channel.