Victor Frankenstein's True Confessions!



Letter to Elizabeth by By Aboubak Soumare

Dear My Cousin Elizabeth,

 I know I said I would never tell you the way I created the monster, but here are the details on how I created him. First, I went to look for different parts of human bodies at night when everyone was sleeping. I used dead bodies. Then, I did a little bit of research about how you join all the bodies together. Now that I learned that, next I organized each part of the bodies separately so that it would be easier for me to place them. After that, I started with the head, his eyes, his nose, etc. This was the first step to my creation. And I worked with the neck a little by checking on the internet about how the different parts of the neck fit together. Then I did exactly the same thing with each of the parts. Then, here was the most challenging part, his chest and his stomach because they had so many organs and pieces, so it took me about two hours to figure everything out. Now, I moved on to his legs and knees. I found out easier because I had a little of bit knowledge of these body parts before even I started. Finally, his arms so that he would be able to do things by himself. Then, the most important part was his brain, so he would be able to think and act like us, so I made sure he had the five senses just like us. And that’s all. It was a pleasure to share with you my secret.

Victor Frankenstein (aka Aboubak Soumare)

The Origin of The Creature by Shristy Kaphle

Dear Elizabeth,

 I know how devastated and confused you are by seeing the creature I created. I should have told you before, however, I did not have the courage to do so. The main reason for writing this letter is to confess how I created the monster which destroyed my life. After the long journey of my discoveries, I finally got what I was looking for, a resource of death.

You know how serious I am about doing things that people will remember me for. I was excited about the discovery I made. Out of excitement I never thought of the consequences. I made this discovery my fate and started to work on this. I wanted to make a gigantic man, a man with beautiful features, who would bless me as its creator. I started collecting different body parts of dead people from the graveyard. I stayed outside the graveyard for the whole day and then at night I dug up graves and took the body parts I liked the most. It took me a week or longer to collect all the body parts I needed. My hand trembled every time I dug up a grave, but my ambition was so huge that I did not even think about anything. When I think of it now, I tremble. Don’t think of me as a mad scientist, I was just blind with my ambition at that time. I collected all the features I thought would look good as a human—I took long limbs, yellow skin, hair lustrous black, teeth pearly white, and beautiful eyes.

Although I might find it creepy now, at that moment I was satisfied with all the body features I had collected. I kept them in a freezer in my living room, and on a big table in front. I was at my house for two years making the creature. At first, I attached all the body parts I had brought to make the body frame. I couldn’t put his nose right at the center—that’s why it was little out of place. As the process started to take its shape, I was disappointed by it. I could see the thread in his face, which was used to attach the facial parts, one finger was missing, and one of his hands was shorter than the other one. Still, I had my hopes, I was doing something which was out of nature and that made me happy. Now, the only thing left was to bring his dead body to life. I placed a little potion in his mouth, but it didn't work. So, I placed a long pipe inside his mouth and started to feed him the potion for a month. Nothing was happening to the dead body frame I was working so hard on, so I decided to give up. However, on a dreary night in November, I saw his hand—the one which missed a finger—moving. I was so happy looking at it, but as it opened its eye, reality hit me like a thunderstorm. I feared my creature. At that moment, I realized that I had created a monster.

I never thought I would be the one who would put end to my and my family's happiness. I know many questions might be running in your mind, and I promise to answer them all. I am now on a journey where I will put an end to the mistake I have made and come back as a free man, who will start his life with you my beloved Elizabeth and my family. The grief of losing Justine and William will always be with us, but we will start a new journey with all happiness! Till then take care of yourself.

With all love,
 Victor Frankenstein (aka Shristy Kaphle)

Victor’s Letter to Elizabeth by Babacar Niang

Dear lovely Elizabeth,

Thank you for your concern about my health and giving me news of my family. I am feeling much better now since Henry is here. He nursed and assisted me during my sickness. Elizabeth, I want to take this moment to confess to you what I was going through and the reason for my isolation from the “world.” I am sure that you will keep this secret just between us. Elizabeth, I created a man! Yes, a man just like you and I, who’s able to do whatever we are capable of doing. My “exile” to Ingolstadt has a lot to do with this. You are aware of my love of natural philosophy and new discoveries in general. I isolated myself for months to be able to come up with something that would later destroy all my happiness. While reading this letter, you will, without doubt, wonder how I did create a being. I will tell you.

After several weeks of intense research, I realized that I would need to be alone, away from people’s view, in my laboratory to achieve this work. I visited the charnel house and found there the bones of dead people. I also went at night to the hospital and stole a corpse from their grave. I brought the body to my laboratory and tried my best to be inspired by it. I took certain structures of the dead person such as the liver, the heart, and the layer of his cold and white skin to put it into the person I was trying to create. The face? I don’t really know Elizabeth, I just made it as best I could, but the finished work looked horrible and nothing similar to humans. His blood? I just mixed up some chemical products with some blood of a dog that I killed on my way back to the laboratory from the charnel house.

Elizabeth, this creature knew life and I rejected him. I was scared of him. This is how and when all my problems started. Dear lovely Elizabeth, I will write to you again very soon. In the meantime, take care yourself and the family.

Victor Frankenstein (aka Babacar Niang),

A Letter to Elizabeth by Jianing Luo

Dear Elizabeth,

I’m writing you this letter to tell you a big secret: I created a monster. A dead body that was brought alive! I was extremely anxious and so fearful that I couldn’t tell anybody about it. It took me two years to find and dig up the dead bodies and research how to do it. One important thing was to make sure that each body part I used match perfectly. Another thing was to looking for those bodies that had not died that long ago in order to increase the chance of getting my work done. I tried three times and I created the monster in my third experiment. I remembered that I was very satisfied with the three dead bodies I dug out. They were tall, strong and fresh (for a dead body). Most importantly, the body parts matched very well. I chopped off the head of the most handsome man, because I wanted the creature to look more like a human. Then I cut the fingers from the second corpse along with his legs. At the end, I chopped off the unnecessary parts of the third body and then sewed them together. These were my favorite parts from each of them. I spent two weeks to sew the body parts together. Even though I tried so hard not to do so, I still made a couple of mistakes. I accidentally sewed the index finger on the third finger, the left hand on the right hand. Fortunately, it still looked like a human body. The last step of creating the creature was to feed him a special potion I invented with a cup of my blood, but nothing changed during the next half hour, so I thought I failed again. I was so mad, thus I kicked the body so hard. I kicked his head, his chest and his stomach. After I expressed my anger, I left him in the room. The next morning I woke up with him staring at me, I was so frightened because he didn’t look like the creature I expected him to be. He looked more like a monster. I ran away from my apartment and didn’t know what to do. I’m so afraid now. Please help me, Elizabeth. Please, please tell me what to do!

Victor Frankenstein (aka Jianing Luo)

Victor's Letter to Elizabeth by Raymond Castillo

Dear Elizabeth,

 I have a confession to make. I don’t know how to start, but first I want to apologize to you for not writing you back in such a long time. Hopefully, after hearing my confession, you will understand why haven’t I written you back. I am aware of the all the harm that I have caused and I want to let you know that I fully regret it. I beg for you and my dad’s forgiveness. My enthusiasm has gone too far and things have gotten out of hand. My ambition for modern science has also gone too far. You are probably confused, but don't worry, everything will become clear to you as I explain. It was that November night when I felt prepared to succeed and fed my satisfaction to create a human being. Before I continue, I want to repeat myself and confess that I fully regret it and I wish this had never happened. I started by collecting my materials from two graves of human bodies at night. One of them was very tall and strong. The other one was recently killed and his organs were still fresh. I only needed one human body but I figured that with a recently dead body it would make this process easier. I saved all my materials in fridge till the next morning. I started early in the morning by tearing down the recent dead body and taking out all the most important body pieces such as the heart, lungs, and intestine. With the use of both bodies I structured my own, sewing them together. Once I had a whole complete body, I waited until midnight, when the rain was nightmarish. And the thunderclaps were intense. I raised the body up to the attic and said my prayers. Suddenly, the horrible creature woke up and destroyed everything around him. I ran away and now the creature is pursuing me and my lovers to kill us. I know this is a lot to process but please forgive me! And always remember I’m not mad. Don't leave me hanging!

Sincerely yours,
Victor Frankenstein (aka Raymond Castillo