"The room" by Maria Guanga ('19)

He was wholly held, absorbed, by a feeling when he saw for first time the telescope. In some way he felt very connected with this awesome object. For two minutes he considered whether he needed to buy it or not, but the connection was very strong and special. When he went to his home, he tried to find a very special place to put the telescope, but he did not notice that telescope needed an open space to sky. He was only 10 years old. He knew a little information about space, but not about the function of the telescope. The telescope stayed in the same place for three years.

One day, he was walking with his father at night. Suddenly, he lifted his head toward the sky and looked at a beautiful light. Then, he asked himself “what is it?” His father was listening to him and he said “one day you will discovered it if you use something from your bedroom.”

When he was 14 years old, he remembered his father’s answer about the strange light in the sky. He started to look very carefully to find “something” in his room. In the moment when he looked again at the telescope, the same strong connection between him and telescope came back. However, this time he touched and analyzed the object. He put his eye to the glass and looked through it. He started to think how this would work. So, He took the large object and put it in the garden. When he put his eye to the lens again of the telescope, he was held, absorbed by the same feeling when he saw it for the first time. For him, the strange light at the top of the sky was becoming the most prized object that he had never seen in his life.

15 years later, the same boy returned to his bedroom, but with his child in his arms. He said to his child, “One day you will discover a strange light in the sky if you use something from your bedroom.” The old telescope with a big smile of happiness looked at how the little boy discovered what he wanted to be in the future, a successful astronaut. Then, the telescope stayed very excited waiting for the son of his owner to discover what he wants to be.