"He was wholly held..." by Roymil Terrero ('19)

He was wholly held, absorbed, by a feeling. One of those feelings that makes you feel in limbo, a bright and obstructed limbo crowded with people. There is no way to fully describe his feeling without actually living it. It is like death; nobody alive knows what death feels like.

Imagine yourself as I tell his story.

When I was him, I used to be an ordinary guy, one that likes to go out with friends and play around. It was a Friday, the start of the weekend, Friday the 13th of 1831 as I remember from skin and bones. I went to the forest to catch some spider as I typically did with my friend to later have a spider fight, but this time I went alone. The strangest part about that day was that it was the first day I went to the forest and couldn’t find any spiders. I was astonished because normally there were spiders everywhere in the forest. So, I started to wonder about the spiders and where they might be, when suddenly a dark cloud stood over my head, and as the cloud started to cover the sky, my shadow vanished. I was so scared that I ran to my home as fast as I could. On my way home I passed through a crowd, but they seemed to not notice me. I had the strange feeling that it wasn’t me who was running. I entered my home, nobody was there, perhaps they were working or somewhere else. So I sat on my bed and I started looking around the room that had been my bedroom since I remembered. But I couldn’t feel anything, it was just a simple room. Indeed, what I remembered to be my home was just a place, and it was at that moment when I felt absorbed. Now I am in this place, it is like a house, well it is what I used to call and feel as home. In here, I am always looking through the windows and sometimes children come to play inside the house but they get scared when I try to speak to them. I feel lonely and I miss being him, well the other me the ordinary guy.