"He was wholly held..." by Kevin Dominguez ('19)

He was wholly held, absorbed by a feeling.

Hatred. This particular person did not hate the world but he did to himself. Why? you might ask yourself. It was because of his bad habit. To be more specific, procrastination. He always did his assignments at the last minute with the hopes that he will get a better grade than he expected. And, as usual, he always told himself that he would stop doing things at the last minute. He would stop procrastinating for a day or two, but he always returned to the same bad habit. "I work better under pressure," he would say while watching TV, scratching his belly, eating a whole bucket of KFC chicken wings.

He would completely hate himself when it came to homework at the last minute. He did not only procrastinate in school, but also in life in general, For example, he kept saying he would pick up that rare Brazilian souvenir he ordered online at his local post office, but he did not picked it up until after a year and that was because the post office kept telling him to come pick up his garbage. Even in the simplest tasks of life he procrastinated, that poor guy, he never learned.