"He was wholly held…" by Khadidiatou Sall ('19)

He was wholly held, absorbed, by a feeling. He was brave and didn't want to show his feelings not even to his family. All he believed in was accomplishment and pride. He never showed any emotion. No one had ever seen him cry or laugh so hard until he couldn't breathe anymore. What was stranger, no one dared to ask him why he holds in his feelings.

“He was one of a kind,” some said, “Why is he always mad?” others asked, especially people who just met him. I wanted to say, “People who didn't know him,” but really no one did.

He was a ghost, but a physical one that had five senses. He was more of a doer than a talker. That's one characteristic that everyone, everyone loved about him. He was a doer, he would do the unthinkable. “He is a superhero in a mask,” many said. People wondered what he would look like when he smiled so they photoshopped  his face and made memes on the Internet.

He was wholly held by a feeling. But what made him like that? What was that feeling that wholly held him? Was it the feeling of seriousness? Perhaps, we will never know. He is gone. His ashes are gone...