"He was wholly held..." by RuLin Jiang ('19)

He was wholly held, absorbed, by a feeling of scarceness. It was midnight and he was the only one walking on the dark road. It felt like late July, the temperature was extremely high and the only thing that he could hear was a dog barking. He carefully walked, every step making him feel he is closer and closer to death.

He walks faster and faster, trying his best to escape from this endless darkness. He closes his eyes, because he doesn't want to see something that he doesn’t want to see. Suddenly, a giant heavy object drops on top of him. He tries his best to hold on to it, and keeps walking towards the direction that he thinks will get him out of here. With that giant object, he feels more and more difficulty to walk and breathe, he feels so tired and his body automatically lets go of the object that is on top of him. The object falls and suddenly, he opens his eyes, he finds himself on his bed, and there is some cold cure right next to his bed. He remembers that he had a very bad cold last night and he had covered himself with two heavy quilts. He wipes the sweat from his head and leaves the room.