"Lost and Found" by Constana Gracia ('20)

There was a silence, and snow, and a clear sky empty of life, and me, sitting there, taking it all in, accepting what I must try to achieve. It is really hard for someone to discover that they are lost or that they are starting to lose their identity. I never thought that one day I could be that depressed and desperately waiting for someone to show me the way. As I was sitting, I couldn’t stop myself for thinking about the big and important job interview I had in the morning. I started to think about skills and mentality. Am I good as they think I am? Am I good as I think I am? These were the only questions that mattered to me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t answer them...I didn’t understand why I was so lonely, and I wished there could be some friends or family by my side to boost my confidence once again.

Despite the stress and all of the confusing thoughts that were going on in my mind, I went outside to have a little walk. I was still talking to myself very loudly and anyone could hear me. After a 20 minutes, someone interrupted me and asked me what I was doing alone in the cold. I asked him the same question. I got familiar with him so quickly that I explained to him all of my problems and how I needed to succeed at the job interview I would have. He started to give me advice about how I had to believe in myself. He made all kinds of jokes and I relaxed a little bit. I was walking in front of him and after some time, I heard a deep silence. I turned my back but he disappeared...I was really surprised but I realized that was what I wanted. I needed someone to make me forget my worries. I ran back home filled of joy.