"Dear iPhone" by Ekram Alrowmeim ('19)

Dear iPhone,

        You are a double-edged sword. You contain the good and the bad. You have always helped me in any place and at any time I needed you. At the same time, you've hurt me too many times. Now, at this moment, I don’t know how I am going to gather my scattered words just to say thank you. Do you remember the first time I came to New York three years ago? I don’t know how I would have communicated with people without your dictionary app. I want you to understand that I preach about all the good things you did for me, but also to let you know that I feel so bad and the reason is you. I am sure that you are now asking yourself what you did. The first thing: you are taking up a lot of my time. The second thing: you make me a more slothful person, mentally and physically. Of course, there are many other bad things you did to me, but I am not going over all of them today because this page is not large enough. I know, I know it is not your fault because I am the one that has the control over you, but also do not forget that you are an important factor. Do not get mad at me, I love you and I will not forget all of the good things you did for me. I will not forget that you are the one who helped me find my way when I got lost on New York City streets. You made my life easier, so we can work together to find the solutions for these problems that we both made for ourselves.