"Dear Computer" by Yan Chang ('19)

Dear computer:

    You are an important friend in my life. I am always with you when I spend time at home. I like to share my favorite kinds of drama or TV show with you, and sometimes the internet is going slow. You need more time download the movies. I think this is your reaction to show me you are tired, want to have some time to rest. Your reaction makes me feel worried because I really want to watch the movie at that moment.
    I like to chat with my friends by using you, and I hope you like my friends, even though some of them are not in the same country as you. We share each other’s information in our conversation. You don’t need to feel jealous. I still see you as one of my important friends.
    Sometimes, I like to shop with you. I go to different websites to buy things, such as clothing, bags, jeans, shoes and skin care products. It makes my life easier and I don’t need to wait in the long line to pay for the products in the store. I want to give honor to you, my computer, for helping me in my life.

Yan Chang