"Dear Samsung" by Kevin Dominguez ('19)

Dear Samsung:

I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with your cell phone. It is fast and very easy to use. I have not had a problem with it since I bought the device. I like how it is resistant to water. The other day, for example, I spilled a lot of water by accident on my phone and it didn’t get damaged. Another day I was running to the train station because I was going to be late for school and I had my phone in my hand when suddenly it slipped from my hand and it fell hard against the floor and the screen did not break! It had only a few scratches, but it resisted the impact. I continue to discover new ways to use my phone, using different apps for school or for my daily activities. They make my phone fun and entertaining so I never get bored when using it. All I wanted to say is thank you, Samsung. Thank you for making my life a little bit easier and more fun.


Kevin Dominguez