Tenzin Rigsang's ('18) Short Story from the Creative Writing Workshop Spring'15

In any other place and on any other road, but this dear yielding country road I would have expected him. From far I saw a familiar face approaching towards me. In no time I realized that face to resemble of my little brother whom I had met ten years ago. He had grown tall but his face still had the same innocence that I had seen when he was born. As he came closer, his walk turned into a run. We both embraced each other and that overwhelmed my heart like nothing before. He told me the story of back home and urged me to return but I couldn’t. I was not ready yet.

 The workshop was fun as it had been long since had written a story. Anyways, later it was nice to hear what other people had written for the same initial sentence that was given to everyone. Also, some of the readers had positive ending while others had a negative story line. I felt that the different psychological emotion that were being experienced by people were responsible for such story lines.