Oleksiy Bryndzey's ('18) Short Story from the Creative Writing Workshop Spring'15

             In any other place and on any other road but this dear yielding country road I would have expected him. 

            Who is, “him”? Who would that person be? Maybe a little boy, a teenager, a young man, a man or old man? Maybe that particular road is famous or maybe not. One might think that, “him”, is the little boy, the teenager, the young man, the man or old man who did something on that road.

            I would say that the man of an unknown age met someone on that road before. And that someone wanted to meet with the man again, on the same road. That someone was deeply touched by the meeting with the man. That someone might have been a little girl, a teenage girl, a young woman, a woman or old woman.

            Anyways, there they are, the unknown someone who is likely a female of an unknown age and the male of an unknown age as well, on an unknown road. We will never know their identities and only the road will…