"Happiness" by Fatimatou Diallo ('18)

When I met Laura, she said she has always had vivid richly colored dreams that she could easily remember. For the most part, she is always happy in her dreams, they make her smile openly even when she is sleeping. One day, it was Christmas, she dreamed of her cousins and aunts that she hadn’t seen for years. She saw them in her living room; they were all exchanging nice Christmas gifts such as hats, sweaters, and many other exciting things. She also saw them eating, all together in the dining room. She really loves her cousins, they make her so happy and they always have a great time together. Laura is also very open and outgoing; she was very nice to me when I met her. Her personality was reflected in her dreams.

Moreover, Laura also told me that she is the only child in her family, and that she gets everything that she wants, she does not have to compete with anyone. Comparing myself to Laura, she has a lonely life because I have four siblings and we always have fun together. However, she seems really happy and satisfied with what she has. As I tell her about my sisters, how much fun I have with them, she smiles and keeps the conversation going. She never really showed any kind of jealousy or any kind of “I wish I had a sister also” as many people will do. She is the type to give you attention; tries to understand you but she never underestimates herself.

Laura seems to float through her life with a relentless sense of happiness, that even when she is dreaming, her soul never agrees to be angry or sad. The things she goes through during the day, the laughs, joys and fun she brings to herself, is always with her, regardless of when she is sleeping or not.