"Dreamality" by Joselyn Guaman ('18)

When I met Laura, she said she had always had vivid, richly colored dreams that she could easily remember. They were so vivid that sometimes she couldn’t differentiate them from reality. Sometimes it really troubled her because she would make the mistake of thinking it was real. She often had dreams with other people she knew; happy dreams, that when she realized it was just a dream it hurt her deep in her heart.

Her dreams soon had become wishes, hopes that those dreams would one day come true, but it hadn’t happened. This made her really mad that she wished she did not have any more dreams. And that had been a troublesome wish because soon the vivid dreams became vivid nightmares. Nightmares that would always wake her up, and she would be crying, screaming, or sweating cold. Those nightmares she could definitely differentiate from reality, but while they were happening in her sleep she would not know and she would be scared. Those nightmares also affected her in real life because she would be scared all day about the nightmares becoming reality. Friends soon became worried, but she did not know what to do about it because she had tried to stop the nightmares but they would still happen. Not even a wish could take her back to the bittersweet dreams of before. Now that I think about it I don’t remember who Laura is… oh wait that might have been a dream in which case at that time Laura was me.