"The Dreamer" by Xia Lin ('18)

When I met Laura, she said she had always had vivid, richly colored dreams that she could easily remember. One of the dreams that she could recall back immediately is the that one happened during summer time. She remembered in her dream, she flew to the sky with her friends. The sky became their playground. They jumped over from one cloud to the other. They also made clouds into whatever shapes they wanted. Laura and her two other friends started to build a house, a yard, and more friends joined them later. They were playing a game where Laura played the role of the Mother and Mike was the Father. Other friends all had their own roles.

Later, they flew away from the house that they made and decided to play on something else. They could see many buildings pass by below them while they flew through the sky. “Look, our school is right there!” Laura pointed to one of the red buildings to her friends. “Let’s fly over to the building, I want to see who’s in the school right now.” Mike was so excited. Then the group of friends all flew in that direction and stopped on the top of the school building. “I had never observed our school from this position, how beautiful is it!” Lisa stood in the corner and looked down at the school. All her friends' faces were covered with smiles. They were chatting to each other, talking about their dreams for when they grow up.

The night fell down so quickly, no one wanted to leave. They all laid on the ground, looked at the stars, dreaming about their future…