"Our Dream Club" by Bixia Chen ('18)


When I met Laura she always said she had vivid, richly colored dreams that she could easily remember. Since I moved from the rural area to the city, Laura was my best friend in school. Especially since she was in my neighborhood. So, Laura and I organized our own little Dream Club, which would meet up every weekend where we shared our dreams in my home. Undoubtedly, Laura was so excited to share her dreams, and she had so many, so we met up every weekend. However, I was disappointed that I cannot remember my dreams every time, so I would sit quietly and listen to her.

Laura told me that she dreamed she was invited to the chocolate factory. I liked chocolate too, but I had never dreamed about it. Laura said this was the most fantastic dream that even you cannot imagine.

“When I stepped into the chocolate factory, I was addicted to the fragrance of the chocolates and candy! Have you ever experienced this?”

“Huh, no.”

At the same time, Laura and I licked our lips and swallowed saliva down our throats. I was so excited by what might happen next. In the chocolate factory, there was a chocolate waterfall; a dragon boat sailing in the brown chocolate rivers; lush gum grass and houses covered by color candy. “I felt I was traveling in the forest.” But all of a sudden, Laura stopped telling her dream. “Laura, what’s happening?” “Unfortunately, I haven’t tasted chocolate in the chocolate factory because I was awakened by my mom in the morning.” For an instant, I was a little bit schadenfreude to Laura’s misfortune. However, I took a piece of chocolate from my pocket. I handed the chocolate bar to Laura.


“This is for you. So, you could finish up your dream now!”

We shared the chocolate together. At that moment, we thought the chocolate was the most delicious food in the world.

Unfortunately, our Dream Club was disbanded when I immigrated to America. Even though we were living in different countries, our friendship will never change. Whenever I eat chocolate, it always reminds me of the happy times with Laura. Chocolate was the symbol of our friendship. “Laura, I would never forget you!”