"Backward Dreams" by Sahar Rahmani ('18)

When I met Laura, she said she had always had vivid, richly colored dreams that she could easily remember. I have known Laura for the longest time, almost seven years. She is very friendly and social. Laura likes to have fun: she enjoys laughing and making people smile. When she tells me about her dreams, which is almost everyday, I tell her that it is because she is so positive and happy all the time.

Laura is my best friend and we get along really well. I think it is because we are opposites and opposites attract. I am a little picky when it comes to socializing and making friends, whereas Laura instantly clicks with people she meets. In Laura’s dreams she is usually having a good time, she is either having wild dreams about skydiving and car racing, or other fun filled activities. Although, she tells me of the ones where she is crying or being chased by big foot or a giant snake in her backyard.

I interpret her not so pleasant dreams as an upcoming pleasant event. Laura tells me that dreams work backwards; that if you’re having a fun time and laughing it anticipates that something bad is going to happen in your life. Whereas, if you are having a nightmare or a dream in which you are crying, it means that something good will happen, but that never happens in Laura’s case. I tell her that it is only true if you believe it is, but since she is so positive all the time, she never has time to think of negative things that could happen.