"Super Pumpkin Robot" by Fatimatou Diallo ('18)

It was 3:00 am in the morning; my body trembled. I could not hear anything but noises of birds flipping around my window. I was in pain, I screamed, both of my parents didn’t come to help me. I was not sure if they heard me. I continued screaming, few seconds later; I heard something as if someone was coming toward my door. I thought it was my brother, but then it was not him. The creature I saw was very strange and familiar at the same time.

It was short, shining in my room, the eyes were very bloody and I had hard time identifying what I saw. I thought I was dreaming, then it came to me and started talking to me. “You need help? Don’t you? It said to me. I replied what are you? I need my parents. “I am a robot, you need me, I will make you feel good.” It said to me. I was scared, I moved away from it and tried running, then it blocked my way. It looked like a robot, I touched it skin, and it was so hard. But I was interested to know why he came to help me.

“I see you every day going to school by the new industrial chantier in Ave Z. You are very beautiful and I like you.” The robot said to me. This was crazy to hear, I can’t be in love, I am only 14 years old. My parents told me I could not see no body. I remained quiet. “I know what you are thinking, I can read your mind. We both know your parents don’t care about you, they make you suffer a lot. Let me help you, I promise.” The robot said. It was very serious and I hated that he could read my mind. I knew I needed help too, my parents have not been the best lately. But he is a robot, I can’t trust a robot and I have a crush on someone else in my chemistry class.

The robot reached out to my hand, I was confuse what to do. I wanted to pull off; then I remembered he reads minds. “I know you have many questions, I promise to answer them all, just give me a chance.” Said the robot. This was true, I never interacted with robots before and I had tons of questions. Few minute later, it disappear, and I felt curious. I opened my door and went outside, I called out robot, I didn’t know his name. I felt like crying, I went back in my room. I lost a big chance of been happy. Maybe he was right, I hope he comes back for me.  

I went back to school the next day. He told me about an industrial chantier next to my school. I couldn’t go in, I was with my brother, he would tell our parent. As we got home and I started doing my homework. I saw a note in my bag. The note says, “I will come back for you some day.” I hated that he left and I couldn’t concentrate on my work anymore. I went to bed crying. I needed someone who understands me in my life, I miss been happy.

He came back for me that night. We went out and he told me everything that I needed know. I don’t know why, but he made me feel so sad and would agree with everything that I wanted. I was not sure if his feelings were true but I fell in love with him. He has some magic, we didn’t need a car, he is able to fly and he does everything so fast. He has super powers, and he could read my mind. But I get so hungry when I am with him. I never saw him eating. But that wasn’t an issue anymore, I value my happiness first.

We could communicate well, he invited me to a party. I didn’t care about my parents’ opinion anymore. I went with him. There were only robots. I was not scared of them anymore, I knew one well. There were beautiful pumpkins all over. Then I remember, it was Halloween and came to realize that robots celebrate Halloween too. I was very excited. My family have Halloween parties but it was never like this one. I was truly enjoying myself, there was many things to discover. Robots are also artists, they decorated the place so well, all the pumpkins we colorful and had lights in them; like those in Disney. We finally kissed and it felt like a human that was kissing me. He told me how many I mean to him. I have been waiting for that moment.

Robots or humans didn’t matter to me anymore. We all deserved to be with whatever or whoever that make us laugh, and happy. My happiness came from a robot, for someone else, it might me a ghost or a lion.