"Mr. Pumpkin is Worried" by Lingling Liang ('18)

At Pumpkin’s life, there was a moment that bumped into his brain, if I don’t work hard, I will be a pumpkin pie one day. He was shocked when he saw pumpkin pie was on sale for two dollars each at the supermarket. On the fruit shelf, he saw that Ms. Apple was working hard to climb up to the top of the shelf, in order to raise her social status. Pumpkin realized immediately: a pumpkin without a dream is stepping on to way to be a pumpkin pie. Later, when he saw the advertisement about the Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, Pumpkin said to himself, “I get a chance!”

       Therefore, he began to practice hard on exercise, being the winner in the pumpkin marathon; doing the facial and hot water bath which let him to look pettier; after trying hard, he was successfully be selected to be a pumpkin carriage’s candidate.

      Today, Mr. Pumpkin comes to Hollywood, recalls to that day, he just doesn’t want to be a pumpkin pie. Now, he achieves the highest value at pumpkin’s life --- the fairy lady chooses him to become Cinderella’s carriage, to have one second in the movie.