"A Pumpkin's Dream" by Joselyn Guaman ('18)

It was there as it had been every October 31st, ironically It always had a happy face. It was on top of a table, hoping to be taken away to a scary place where It could be light up and displayed. Nobody payed attention to It, but It payed attention to everybody else. It would look at people with such passion except they could not see that as well, because It’s eyes did not have candles to make them shine. It was also very little, and that made things worse because he could not stand out like It wished It did.

It wanted to be a jack­o’­lantern real bad, that was It’s only wish. It did not care if it was only for a day, as long as It was one, and that would make It extremely happy. Oh poor pumpkin, It was so sad because it was already past eleven o’clock and again like last year he was still there without candles in his eyes. It was sad yet It still had that smile, because It could not change Its expression thanks to the person who carve its face.

It wanted to scare people, “that’s the only purpose for jack­o’­lantern’s existence,” It always thought.

It was the end of the day and nobody ever took It away, he will have to wait for another year maybe the next it would be a better one but trust me it had been happening for a while now and even till today It is waiting for Its day to come. That’s the only thing It can do, wait and wait with hope.