"Remembering" by Lingling Liang ('19)

           Did you know that someone can be evolution and change himself? Maybe you will think this is unreal, but here I am. My name is Ben, and I have a lover named Annie. We met each other at the time when I was still a human. Those days, we talked a lot. We thought each other was very smart and we understood each other well. We talked about everything together every day. Even though I was sad all the time, Annie was still at my side and understood me all the time. Nevertheless, all these things changed after my evolution and she found out that I would change my outward appearance from time to time. Before, Annie could understand my thoughts just by looking in my eyes; we could understand each other with no words. But now, it is different.

            I look like a sea turtle now, Annie keep me on the counter. When I look at her, I can feel that she is disturbed by how I look. She asks me if I can still understand her from the outlook of a sea turtle. The answer is of course I can, my outward appearance doesn’t affect my thinking at all. Sadly, she didn’t get the answer from me. She already lost the way of getting answers from my eyes.

          More and more, as the day pass, I can feel that Annie is tired; she is tired of my evolution. But I cannot control the changes that are happening to me, even if I am also tired of it.   Annie cannot accept these changes happening to me. So, as the days pass, she has a decision to make. She decides to bring me to a beach and plans to set me free.

          I still can remember that day, I am a kind of salamander and I am very small.