"I Help Others to Find Happiness" by Akramul Haque ('18)

It wasn't suppose to end this way. I didn’t know if I was happy, but I imagined people were very excited about this time of the year. Halloween, they called it. But, I called it a nightmare. I was just 3 month old, and I was dead. My great, great, grandfather lived for eight month but, for centuries, we couldn't live for over a few months because we were always picked for the Halloween season. This is how my journey began. My name is Kewie. I grew up in New Khali in a small farm called Happy Town. All my life, I was told that we weren’t meant to live forever and I believe it. But, I also believe that we all meant to serve a purpose and after we die we will be recognized others.

My siblings were taken away first and then they came for me. I was taken to the local market where I was kept for weeks with other hopeless humpkins. The farmers seemed very happy because pumpkins can stay fresh for days even after they are picked. Then I was put into a truck and brought to NYC, the big Apple. I remember, it was October the 25, a young male make to the market to rescued me. Well, rescuing is not the right word because I was already dead. I was his number one target for the halloween, and he was really happy that he chose me. From that moment, I started to feel different about my life and  my purpose. I realized that, it is not about me finding my happiness but helping others to find theirs. From there on, I live in people's happiness and that's what made me happy. I realized, this was my purpose and I was born to be curved for halloween. Most importantly, I was borned to bring a moment of happiness to others and being recognized for allowing people to find joys.

Akramul Pumpkin.jpg