"Who is Better? One or the Other?" by Oleksiy Bryndzey ('18)

Once upon a time there were two pumpkins. They grew next to each other. The pumpkins were not the usual once. They could talk to each other. But humans could not hear their talking at all.

The two pumpkins were twins because they looked the same. Also, they were of the same age because they grew up together. Both argued all the time that one was better than the other. One said it had a perfect orange color, the other one claimed it had a perfect round shape. One said it had more seeds, the other one said that it had bigger seeds. So they argued between each other, though they looked the same.

Then the Halloween season approached. Two pumpkins left the garden to be sold to people. When they were in a store they still argued. This time they argued who is going to have a better eyes, nose and mouth cut off. One said it will have big and scary teeth, another one said it will have big and scary eyes.

Eventually, the pumpkins got separated from each other because different people bought them. But that was not the end. In one of the apartment buildings, on second floor a pumpkin was put by the window. It had big and scary eyes, a hat, nose and happy mouth.  The other pumpkin lived in the same apartment building, except it was on first floor. It had big and scary teeth, nose and eyes with eyebrows.  What was interesting, both of the windows faced each other. This meant that both pumpkins could see each other.

At night when nobody could see, both pumpkins were bragging about how good they are. This time they could not talk to each other, so they did that using gestures. The pumpkins were jumping and shaking their pumpkin heads, each indicating it was better than the other one. Perhaps, they will see each other again, when they will be thrown away by the end of Halloween and they will end up inside the same garbage truck. So we will never know who is better.