"Mort" by Maria Guanga ('19)

1870. The night more cold and sinister in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The dark walls had dirty marks of the patients were destroy. The town is bleak; the streets were dirty and destroyed. The mental hospital destroyed. 50th years later, small town is create. The town has small houses between trees with a long way to reach the houses. You cannot see the town if you do not walk in there. A small family, mother, father and daughter live in one of those houses. The night of October 21, the parents decide to go out. Their daughter is sleeping in the time. She has a dog-called mort (death, from Old French). The dog always licks her hand to indicate that everything is okay. The night the girl in the darkness, she hung up her hand to the side of her bed. The lick rough and wet indicated that all is well. After few hours her parents return to the home. They find her lifeless body with bloody bites signals prostrate on her bed. The parents eyes are reflect in the mirror front of them. A quote blood written appears in the mirror “the mad also lick hand”. 140th later, the mental hospital was destroyed, but the lost soul of patients wander in the midnight in the town.