"Don't Turn Your Head Around" by JiaHuan Lin ('18)

There is a High School, which is located in the foot of a hill. One night, students are having their night class as usual. They are all excited and relaxed, because it is Friday. Some students are studying and doing homework, and some are chatting with others. Suddenly, the light turns off. The classroom becomes dark. No one is surprised. It is an usual thing for them, because the electric circuits in this building is old, and school doesn’t show any interest to repair it. As usual, there always is a boy who will goes out to turn the electric switch on. Twenty minutes pass by, the class is still dark. Classmates begin to wonder where is the boy, because the boy usually comes back after five minutes. While they are deciding to go out to find the boy, they hear the boy’s soft voice, “Sorry, it takes me a long time.” In the sudden, the light turns on, and a screaming follows after. All students are attracted by the screaming, which is from a girl who sits in the back of the classroom. She is crying and trembling. Following by the girl’s direction, there is a dead body without a head stands in the back of the classroom. The light turns off again….



By the way, don’t turn your head around! Maybe the boy is looking at you!