"Don't Interfere With Death" by Naomi Moreira ('19)

    Approximately 50 years ago, in Quito Ecuador, there was a 14 year girl who was helping her mother to sell roasted guts of cow. One day her mother gives her money to buy more roasted guts, but she was a very restless girl and she went to play with her friends and she wasted the money. She was very worried; she thought that her mother might bet her. Among the concerns of the girl, she goes through the cemetery and she came up with a grotesque idea, get the guts of one of the dead bodies that has just been buried and take out the guts to give them to her mother to sell them. Her mom believed her, and she could make the sales. Her clients were very pleased with the product that they even repeated it. At night, in her house suddenly the door sounds like if it’s opened strongly, but the unusual thing is that she was the only one who heard those noises. When the noise was becoming very strong and she heard clearly "Giiirrrrllll, give me my guts that you stole from my holy grave" she is becoming increasingly frightened and at that instant she grabs a knife, which was in her bedroom, and cut her stomach she thought that was the only way to save herself. The next day her mother saw her with her guts scattered on the bed and slowly dying.