"The Knocking" by Alexnyves Pierre-Louis Jr. ('19)

“Knock….Knock….Knock…”  someone is knocking on your bedroom's door,  you wake up and check the time and it’s 2:30 in the morning. Only little Bobby, when he has a nightmare, usually knocks on your door at this time around. “Who's there?” you asked, but no one made a sound. So you head straight to bed thinking that it is maybe the neighbors next door drinking or playing around.  

Right when you are about to close your eyes, the door opens and someone enters your room. “Who's there?” you asked again, “come on and stop playing.” “It’s me Bobby,” he answered as he crawled beside you, “Am only here because I had a nightmare.” What could go wrong? It is only bobby doing what he have been doing all summer long .

The next day you wake up with the sound of your alarm signaling that it is 6:00 in the morning. “Wake up” your mom says, “you have to go pick up little bobby in grandma's house today.” But wait, wasn’t he here yesterday?