"Scary Question" by Ekram Alrowmeim ('19)

Darkness surrounds the city and clouds obscure the sky, a night without moon. Black cats roam the streets, and dogs barking as if they have lost their senses. Unknown bodies moving under the wing of darkness. There are souls grappling in alleys. Evil eyes watching and death is searching for prey. Silence sends horror into the souls. Over there, the demon sits in the corner of street lurking the pedestrians. And hungry witch hiding behind the walls waiting for a child to pass to become dinner. A man is fighting death under a tree, and another hanging from his neck in a darkened room. Girl with white hair sitting in the center of bathroom as she talks with herself. The features of a fierce child carrying a knife and heading towards his sleeping parents. Bodies without shadows and shadows moving without bodies. Old woman cutting her hair in front of a mirror and an old man runs behind nothing. Human wolves lying in wait for innocent.

There you cannot talk when you need to talk because your tongue has died. There you cannot love because your heart has also died. You cannot cry because your eyes have dried. There you will discover that you are lonely such as the fall branches. There you can scream only, but no one can hear your screaming even you cannot hear your voice screaming. You can only feel your soul bitterly screaming.

Scary Question, where I am going? Ask yourself, and I will ask too.