"Dad" by Fanni Juhasz ('19)

I was 13 years old when my parents separated. I lived with my mom, but once a month a spent some time with my dad. At this time my mother and her husband went for a trip to Europe, and I stayed with my dad. It was a Saturday night, and he wanted to take me out for a dinner with his friends. I didn't feel well, so I asked him to let me stay home and watch a movie. He agreed. Luckily I had a cell phone for emergencies. I was checking in periodically with my dad, asking him about what they eat and do. I was watching the movie for an hour or so, when suddenly the electricity turned off. I was trying to check if it was only the TV, but I couldn't turn on the light either.  When I turned back to reach for my phone, drawings of kids started to appear on the wall. It all symbolized me or said my name. I quickly called my dad, but when he started to talk he had a creepy voice. He said: "I’m in the door. I forgot my keys. Please open the door for me." I knew this is my dad, because he always played this game when I was little. So I opened the door. He stepped in. He easily turned on the lights and the TV turned on as well. The drawings suddenly disappeared. And he said, I haven’t talked to you all night.