"Bloody Mouth" by Oleksiy Bryndzey ('18)

Nancy and friends enjoyed their summer at summer camp. One morning the children found a dead dog with head bitten and separated. Nancy looked at herself in the mirror and saw that her mouth was bloody which was unnoticeable to others. Nancy thought she had a little wound in her mouth thinking it’s not related to dog’s death. 

The next morning, everyone was scared because a boy disappeared going to bathroom. Nancy and friends went to bathroom and noticed the traces of a doglike animal.

Nancy noticed her mouth again. She washed it and went to breakfast. Nancy tried to eat, but couldn’t.

Today, she didn’t want any food. She felt full. Nancy vomited little kid's finger with fingernail. Nancy knew she killed a dog and a boy. Later, she vomited the boy’s hair and nose.

The police found the boy gnawed and buried near the fence of the camp. Service dog started chasing Nancy. She started running on her fours.

Nancy glanced at her furry and gray hands and feet and realized she was a wolf. Nancy was stronger, and her teeth were sharper so she killed a dog.

Nobody saw her as a wolf, neither nobody saw her turning back to a person. Nancy returned to the camp and told friends that, a wolf jumped out of the bushes killing a dog.

The police suspected animal-people victimizers. One night Nancy couldn’t sleep and went hunting for suspects. But instead they caught her, fried her alive and eat her.