"The Rememberer from Ben's Perspective" by Miriam Meneses ('19)

Everything seems to be changing. It seems like everything that we have today is going through reverse evolution. I am not sure what's going on. I feel that I am facing some kind of transformations. Today I feel like a human being, but I kind of feel that I am transforming into an ape. These changes are so weird and my lover seems to be confused, and she does not know how to help me.

Now I don't feel like an ape any more but I feel that I am changing from an ape to a sea turtle. My lover looks more concerned now.

I see my lover so worried, not knowing what to do. 

She is speaking to me but I do not know what to say. I try to talk but everything is in vain because no words come out from my mouth. I can only stare at her with my eyes wide open and hope that she can understand my meaning. But I know that what I am asking is something impossible because we do not have the power to communicate through the mind, and maybe I could communicate with her using signs, but she might interpret something different and not get my message.

She has been worried since the first day of my transformation. She is gathering as much information as she can, even though we are not sure what's happening to me.

People have been looking for me without success. How hard it must be for my loved one, not to know what to say or how to explain the changes that I am going through. Everything is out of my control, I had no choice to choose who I am right now. I might keep changing until there is nothing left of me. I know that it is not an appropriate time to ask why this happening to me since there won't be any answers or there will not be anyone to answer.

It would be better if I left my loved one and let her continue with her life. She might find someone that will make her happy and will not go through absurd situations like she is now with me. Maybe she will be happier because she could stop taking care of me like a mom. I hope that one day this reverse evolution stops, but not when there is nothing left of me, I want to survive to see the beautiful wonders that the world has to offer, no matter what my state.