"The Cold Evolution" by Fatimatou Diallo ('19)

My love for Annie and evolution is unconditional. As I looked back on the days, I saw and imagine both negative and positive changes in our society. But it was something normal. However, I felt very strange and weird. I have to accept what’s coming toward me. 

I woke up on a spring morning reversing into an ape. It was strange but my knowledge of evolution helped me realized that things happens for many reasons. As I stepped out, my face still looked the same. Annie screamed in silence, totally shocked. I left the house to hang on a green tree. I felt freedom and wanted to explore more of the reverse evolution I was undergoing.

Questions came to me. “Will I transform into a human at last? Or will I just stay an animal for the rest of my life?"

I feared losing Annie. She has been my life partner, but I also believed in evolution and was curious for the next step. There was a huge lake near by our house, I loved in there. It was the first place I kissed Annie and decided to be with her. I remember both of us were smiling, taking about our favorite philosophers and poets. 

After about two weeks, I was getting smaller and smaller. Annie changed towards me; maybe she was scared and couldn’t be with me anymore. I heard Annie murmured to herself, “What kind of human I am in love with?” I was a mouse by then. She slammed the door to our room and I could hear her singing our favorite song. I admired the thing I was turning into because as humans, we started up as animal. However, I feared that Annie would stop caring and move on. 

Annie still looked around for me; despite the fact that I was now a tiny baby chick.  

One day I was hungry and I couldn’t find any food and Annie hadn’t been around for days. She was gone. I waited for her for months and was still waiting on her as I continued my evolutionary journey...