“The Remember” Story: From Ben’s Point of View by Cuong Dao ('19)

Some say, love is strange, but I assure you that our love has topped it all. To many people, sex is one of the most exciting things that happens between two people who are in love, especially if it is the first time. But for us, it is staring into the celling, eating cold pizza, and talk about poetry. I remember the first time we had intercourse, we didn’t even bother to finish it off. Instead, we dozed off, talking about the majestic and powerful effects of poetry. I remember as we dozed off, I told Anne “You know, how great would it be if we can go back to the Neolithic ages, where we can just interact with each other and not be such self absorbed people”. 

Well, they said, “be careful what you wish for” or something like that, if I remember correctly, and it’s true. Opening my eyes, I see this furry blanket and feel this warmth, as though we have been cuddling all night long. Then I remember, we don’t have a furry blanket. Oh My God!!! What is this hairy thing that is on my body. So freaked out, I walk as quiet as I can to the wash room, but as I glance down, I notice that my foot is humongous. For a second, I thought I was Bigfoot. Although not Bigfoot, but something similar. I would say Bigfoot in progress though. 

At that moment, Anne woke up. I saw the terror in her eyes and I don’t know what to do. She keeps screaming and screaming. I tried to get close to her to let her know that this is me, but nothing seems to be working. Then, out of nowhere, she grabs a frying pan and bashes me with it in the back of the head. As I awoke, I found her staring into my eyes. For a second, we gazed into each other’s eyes like the times when we would talk about the world. 

“Ben is that you? What happened? Am I dreaming?”

But the sad look in my eyes tells her that this is the new me now. She stops panicking and seems kind of open to this new me. 

Before she leaves for work, she makes sure that I have all the food and water I need. She even baby steps me into the kitchen, as if I’ve never been in our kitchen before. Soon I take a nap and when I awake again, I find myself to be a salamander. 

When Anne sees me she keeps asking, “Do you remember me? Do you remember?” I wanted to tell her how much I miss the time we spent together, but I could not find a way. I know she keeps trying to find a way, but after a while, it is just hopeless. I could sense this in her eyes, the way she talks to me, but I try to think of something else to get my mind off of it. Like would I be turning into a dinosaur if this reverse evolution continues. 

At last, I could not take it anymore. The ways she worries about me, are just draining the life out of her. She would forget to eat and I couldn’t stand seeing her like that, and the depressing sign on her face is just beyond bearable. I looked at her and gave her this look that it is ok. It is ok to let it go. I know it is so hard for her to do so, but this must be done. She took me to the lake where we used to hangout; there she lets me go. I was relieved and I know this is best for her.